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Oct 2, 2012 8:00pm EDT
of what the questioner called the media bubble. >> with the exception of chris christie, a republican who said that it would be fabulous for mitt romney, a game changer -- this is like total lowball expectation going on out there. the president has been doing this for a long time, mitt romney has had 27 debates. i think the expectations game is hilarious actually. >> i think the voters have come to see through the expectations game and they know what is going on appeared to the question, i do not think it affects how the candidates prepare. it may affect how much they prepare for how much they want to hide. romney is pulling out the, you are addicted natural corridor, so that will make you great. the expectations, on not sure how they prepare for that is a big part of the media, of the spin doctors. >> i want to ask, should we get rid of all the expectations game and bring into play the exhaustion game? >> this because the number of debates? >> when i started out, new hampshire mattered. kennedy and nixon in wisconsin. hubert humphrey only got four districts, kennedy, 6. then they went to
Sep 26, 2012 1:00am EDT
think did not scale up. -- christie, i think, did not scale up. daniel, ryan -- is there a candid who invented the jeb bush analysis if mitt romney loses? >> it is not analysis that he will lose. mitt romney is at 50. if mitt romney loses, will there be some who challenges the party on issues, particularly immigration. >> i think someone who explicitly makes that case would do worse. look at it bob mcdonnell virginia. he clearly was socially conservative. the thought of him as reliable. he was able to go after suburban voters. >> i tend to think that is the better model and some is as do have changed? >> i can imagine jeb bush as being the intellectual leader and not letting himself. amid the try to steal rubio not necessarily in the camp yet to be the horse. i think jeb bush is going -- he is positioning himself. he went to tampa and said we're acting stupid on immigration. he is writing a book on immigration reform that would be published next year. he's very conservative, capa, married to a mexican-american. i think he will be well- positioned. he could be the guy. >> one last word
Sep 27, 2012 8:00pm EDT
the speaking at the rnc. -- chris christie speaking at the rnc. mitt romney is another saying "do not forget to mention my name." here is a guy at the convention. i think the ladies know what i am talking about here. paul ryan appears -- appeals to seniors. a scary eddie munster guy. here is mitt romney's money. chilling i know a guy that does a fake twiter account called "mexican mitt romney." he is a big smash on the twitter. politico named it one of the top-10 funniest fake twitter accounts. it plays off on the fact that mitt romney's dad was born in mexico in a mormon colony and was actually -- mitt romney might be the first chicano president. mexican mitt romney seems like a crazy mexi-mormon ranchero character. he says a lot of crazy stuff about the election. follow him @mexicanmitt. this is the curiosity rover being asked for its papers. here is the colombian secret service prosecution scandal. -- prostitution scandal. columbia, we are not just known for drugs anymore. [laughter] i promise you, the president has a big stick. here is obama giving the presidential medal of freedom to a
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3